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LED street lights than the LED

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In modern society, energy is an important guarantee of economic development, the main way todevelop renewable energy is then developed to solve the energy crisis. Then using the urban lighting power is a kind of non renewable.

The LED street lamp lighting effect is very good, but not how to save energy, but also developedLED lamp model is solar LED street lights.

1, LED solar street lamp using solar photovoltaic battery provides electric energy, solar energyas a new energy is a kind of green environmental protection, "inexhaustible, inexhaustible".Make full use of solar energy resources of solar LED street lamp lighting, LED lamps havepositive significance to alleviate the shortage of conventional energy.

2, LED solar street light installation is very simple and convenient, solar LED street lights do not need a large number of infrastructure projects such as the laying of cables that ordinary street lamp, LED lamp all lines and control part are arranged in the lamp holder, to form a whole.


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